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Schaum’s robust problem-solver delivers 3,000 difficulties in electrical circuits, totally solved step by step! The originator of the solved-problem advisor, and scholars’ favourite with over 30 million examine publications bought, Schaum’s deals a diagram-packed timesaver that can assist you grasp all sorts of challenge you’ll face on checks.
difficulties conceal each zone of electrical circuits, from simple devices to complicated multi-phase circuits, two-port networks, and using Laplace transforms. move on to the solutions and diagrams you would like with our distinct, cross-referenced index. suitable with any school room textual content, Schaum’s 3000 Solved difficulties in electrical Circuits is so entire it’s definitely the right software for graduate or specialist examination prep!

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36 V _ 75 V + r:: I. 18 n a + Vu + V, ~ R I, b (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Fig. 3-25 32 D CHAPTER 3 I Since the voltage across the 18-0 resistor is 36 \1. the current Ix must be 2 A. Then Vab + (2)(2) - 75 + Vab = 35 V. 50 A generator generating a ramp voltage, v = 6t V, i5. connected across a 25-0 resistor. dissipated by the resistor during the interval O;~ t;2 5 s. 73 I 2 2 p = v 1R = 36t /25 W. Instantaneous power Determine the energy Energy is A resistor supplied by a ramp generator producing a voltage v = lOt V is used as a heating element to boil a certain amount of water.

Fig. 49 Refer to Fig. 3-15. Determine the voltage across the 6-0 resistor. 50 D 27 Find the current in the 5-0 resistor in the interconnection of resistors shown in Fig. 3-16a. I By changing the delta-connected 3-0 resistors into an equivalent wye we obtain the circuit of Fig. 3-16b, which is reduced to the circuit of Fig. 3-16e. Thus, V 36 1= - = - - =12A R 2+ 1 VIO (Fig. ,. L- I:> t).. \ c I 36V (b) A. n.. f\. (d) Fig. 3-16 By adding the powers absorbed by the resistors of Fig. 3-16e, verify that the sum is equal to the power supplied by the 36-V source.

2 = 125 W If the power supplied by the 25-A source of Fig. 3-24 is 150W and the dependent source absorbs power, calculate the voltages across the 25-A source and 5-V dependent current source. 72 If '" 150 2s = 6 V V 5v = Ps v = 150 - 125 = V I 5 25 v 1 For the circuit in Fig. 3-25 the elements shown on the right are connected one at a time to the terminals ab. The control for the dependent sources is Ix' Determine the dependent parameter in each case. + 36 V _ 75 V + r:: I. 18 n a + Vu + V, ~ R I, b (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Fig.

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