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By C. E. Eckersley, J M Eckersley

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Each dash represents one word, I') - - haste speed . :nt . ,(J ) If he won 't take advantage of his fur him. (4) He oppor tu nit ies,. - - - - - conti nued h is studies - - _ _ after leaving schbor ea rly . (,5) - - 1 tee of him. _ I like h im. (sn'u DI ~ssibilitjts ) (6) With r~ular practice he beca me at E nglish. (7) H ow is the in\'a:id t cxlay ? He is much t he same, - - and ,~ . - -. (8) You have to get up earl y t omorrow, $0 )'OU go to bed now. (9) The noise of the aircraft became - - until it d ied away completely, (10) If you ca n come for four -lessons a week instead of t wo, - - - - _ (11) (up) Keep a stiff _ lip in adversity.

JU d "e' as as - - asa hunter as ", - u a new pin ' as - as a door-n~ ·" as a car uoad of monken '· I , as - a s a dai sy . ' II Complete these sentences b . : (I) I live in the coun t ry; h a stream . ove - -' C--hbo°use sta nds alone near h netg u r as thv«#-lf " { ) as a ca r but - 3ister hasn 't ( ) ) , _ . 3) c bn b" __ brother has a m t . 4 oan has a bicyc le _ houses (6) This is a ~oo~ ~yc~e: (5) They ~ave sold If ~ , . 1 CcmlprehulS ltit Eft glish Grallmwr o f d a t e. (7) We have passed e c auunauon.

Flring Scotsman, m Comet. g . @ Arm y and ::\30\1' Sto res, @M idland ~k ,@ Odcon ( me rna . . g. (Th~ I LOrse is being re placed by@ trad or. @--i I3) Before t he names of m usical ins truments used In a general ~[~~~iestJey pfays @ piano; ~lr. Priestley is leami ng@ violin. g. g . T like Shakespe are Lut it is mod ern drama t hat in teres ts me @ m% t . e t hea tre Will pare /least . and beforelsuperIatives~d as no uns, e g. This is filiP best I can do, @most he can get is a fmc of £S' . 1 ec tlves,u sed as nouns denot m a whole class.

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