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By R.A. Gilbert

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ISBN-13: 9781852740238

This is often the 1st biography of A. E. Waite, the occultist who rose to prominence and based the airtight Order of the Golden sunrise after it were destroyed.

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But what followed was the removal of the sisters and the two 'poor brothers' were obliged to fall back upon their own company and to console themselves with drink, 'the mysteries and symbols of the Secret Order'. Not that any of it is put so plainly. -was Vivienne Pierpont. And even those close friends would not have recognized the ambiguity of Waite's reverie in Letter XIII: Old are those legends of the soul, gone is that early minister, received into the great silence and reserved therein until the day when the Sponsus and Sponsa shall meet in the King's chamber, in the secret palace of the King, when I also shall kiss the one mouth which I have desired since the daysof my baptism in the cool waters of the kingdom, even the kingdom oflove (p.

Yet, being pledged to one another and to the Greater Masters, that they should not speak openly, because such gifts are to other some unseasonable, they have written after the manner of the Philosphers with a prudent 70 A. E. WAITE - MAGICIAN OF MANY PARTS _ affectation of the letter, so that these things are to be understood only by the appeal to a second sense, which, for the increase of facility, has been made to interpenetrate rather than underlie the outward meaning (pp. 9-10). It is then explained that 'two poor brothers of the spirit [Waite and Machen] conceived between them the ambition to get on in the world by a right ordering of the mind in respect of the real interests and true objects oflife.

To this extent some of the processes are practical, and to this extent they are dangerous (p. vii). The danger in Machen's case he fully recognized and averted it by steering him into the relatively harmless waters of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The story of the Golden Dawn is reserved for a later chapter and here it is enough to recount Machen's reaction to it. He was initiated into the Order, as Frater Avallaunius, on 21 November 1899-the last member to have had the original form of the Order's 'Obligation' administered to him-and progressed to the Grade ofPracticus, at which point he stopped.

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