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By William deBuys

ISBN-10: 0199778922

ISBN-13: 9780199778928

ISBN-10: 0199974675

ISBN-13: 9780199974672

With its hovering azure sky and stark landscapes, the yank Southwest is likely one of the such a lot hauntingly appealing areas in the world. but astounding inhabitants development, mixed with the intensifying results of weather swap, is riding the oasis-based society with regards to the edge of a Dust-Bowl-scale catastrophe.

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Scientific understanding of that chemistry took a big step forward in 1958 when David Keeling, a thirty-year-old postdoc at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, began measuring atmospheric CO2 from a station atop Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Fairly quickly, Keeling made two important discoveries. He found that CO2 levels varied with the seasons. There was measurably less in the air during the Northern Hemisphere summer and more during the winter. It was a surprising observation, but one that was soon explained.

Then he was silent, waiting for me to ask another question. He had made his point. World society was going to weaken at one of its weakest points. Hundreds of millions of people live in the water-stressed regions of the world, their situations endlessly variable but their dependence on a scarce resource uniting them in unwanted vulnerability. Unfortunately, their unity of condition breeds a division of interests, as communities and nations compete for precious water, sometimes violently. One of the reddest regions on Milly’s map, which is to say one of the portions of the planet most threatened by a decline in water supply, stretches from Lebanon and Israel through Iraq and Iran to Afghanistan, lands beset by generations of intense conflict, where the stress of water shortage can inflame old grudges.

You can look up, straight up, almost any day of the year, and there it is: an intense, infinite blue, miles deep and beyond reach. It is not merely bluish, not the watery blue of Scandinavian eyes, not the black-mixed blue of dark seas or bachelor buttons, not the hazy blue of glacier ice or distant mountains, but an Ur-blue, an über-blue, a defining quintessence. It is to other blues as brandy is to wine: a distillation, pure and heady. It can be a little deflating to reflect that the ethereal blue of southwestern skies results from mundane forces, that it is the product of solar radiation and atmospheric gases interacting in an environment shaped by climate.

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