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By Carole A. Rayburn Ph.D., Florence L. Denmark, Mary E. Reuder, Asuncion Miteria Austria

ISBN-10: 031336625X

ISBN-13: 9780313366253

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ISBN-13: 9780313366260

During this remarkable instruction manual, the crew of coeditors and participants convey the immeasurable effect of ladies supporting ladies through a mode that has develop into a "hot-button" subject nationwide—mentoring.In A instruction manual for ladies Mentors: Transcending limitations of Stereotype, Race, and Ethnicity, knowledgeable writer team—all skilled mentors—provide particular concepts for girls mentoring ladies, displaying how mentoring relationships gain participants, ladies as a bunch, and the kingdom as a complete. Discussions comprise ongoing challenges—and capability pitfalls—for girls confronting stumbling blocks of their schooling careers, with certain recognition to minority women—whether it's a mom of 4 prime a college division, an African American lady operating in engineering, or a Latina girl advancing within the box of math.

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What is even more challenging to novice faculty is the fact that institutional missions may change with each new administration. GENDER AS A HURDLE As Tenner ( 2004) points out, men have long enjoyed the benefits of close professional relationships with teachers and senior colleagues. Those benefits need to be extended to women and to members of diverse cultural groups. Because being a role model is also a component of the mentor’s identity, we need to increase the number of women faculty and members of those diverse cultural groups available as mentors.

A mentor is an authority figure with the expertise in a particular field to support facts, opinions, and/or actions. Masters are the people who possess the highest levels of knowledge or skills in a discipline, while apprentices are the learners. Formally, an apprentice is o en bound by legal documents to learn some art, trade, or profession. Clearly, the implication is that an apprentice is a youth, or one not yet well versed 24 A Handbook for Women Mentors in a subject. As a verb, to mentor means to be put under the care of a skilled master for the purpose of learning a trade or profession.

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