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By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with airborne dirt and dust jacket. Fisheries study Board of Canada.

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METHOD A. g-at/liter 1 . 3jn! g-at/liter (using 1-cm cells ) . 2. 2 ,ug-at/liter (using 1 0-cm cells ) . B. OUTLINE O F METHOD The acidified sample is allowed to react with p-phenylenediamine and ferric chloride. A complex oxidation and substitution takes place resulting in the quanti­ tative incorporation of any sulphide-sulphur present into a heterocyclic sulphur­ containing dye called Lauth's violet. The extinction of solutions are measured, before or after dilution, using 1- or 1 0-cm cells.

The effect is worse with new bottles and most serious on deep casts (below 1000 m) or if the bottles are kept on deck for any length of time before the water is withdrawn. "Aged" bottles give less trouble but they are best coated with tin or plastic and samples must be withdrawn directly they reach the deck. E. SPECIAL REAGENTS 1. MANGANOUS SULPHATE REAGENT Dissolve 480 g of manganous sulphate tetrahyde, MnS04 · 4H20, or 400 g of manganous sulphate dihydrate, MnS04 2H20, or 365 g of manganous sulphate monohydrate, MnSO4 H20 in distilled water and make the volume to 1 liter.

7 3 : 1 27, 1 927 ) , and in instructions provided by the instrument manufacturers. The special working details given here refer to 2 taps : T1 is the two�way tap connecting the top of the gas chamber with either the sample "cup" or the emptying tube. T2 is the two-way tap connecting the gas chamber and manometer with the mercury reservoir bulb. The latter should have two fixed resting positions. In position H the mercury in the reservoir should be above the tap T1 ; in position L it should be well below the tap T1• In addition, there should be room to lower the mercury reservoir bulb at least 2-!

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