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The posterior (apical) cell membrane shows m icrovilli projecting into the anterior chamber and pinocytic vesicles. Nerve supply The comea is richly supplied by the long ciliary nerves from the nasociliary branch o f the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal. mm from the limbus. These nerves form plexuses within the epithelium, under Bowman’s membrane and within the stroma. There is no innervation o f Descemet’s membrane. Variation in colour. In childhood and in pathological state, the sclera appears bluish owing to the visibility of the uvea through the thinnedout sclera.

The muscle is supplied by the oculomotor nerve. It acts as an elevator (10 mm) o f the upper lid and as a direct antagonist of the orbicularis oculi. Orbicularis oculi. This is a broad, flat, elliptical sheet of concentric muscle fibres covering the eyelids and circumference of the orbit. It spreads over the temporal region downward toward the cheek. It is supplied by the facial nerve. The orbicularis is subdivided into three parts. (a) Palpebral part Pretarsal or marginal (muscle of Riolan) Preseptal or peripheral (b) Orbital part (c) Lacrimal part (Homer’s muscle).

There are two portions: anterior, banded showing interdigitations between the fine filaments, the foetal part, constituting onethird portion. The posterior two-third, the postnatal part, forms the nonbanded zone showing a granular appearance. Endothelium. 000 cells, each of 5 millimicron thin and 10-20 millimicron wide. These are extremely metabolically active cells. Large num bers o f m itochondria are found particularly around the nucleus. The lateral borders of the cells show marked convolutions forming complex interdigitations with the neighbouring cells.

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