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By Lawrence J. Dunne, George Manos

ISBN-10: 9048124808

ISBN-13: 9789048124800

Channels of nanotubular dimensions exist in numerous fabrics (examples are carbon nanotubes and the nanotubular channels of zeolites and zeotypes) and convey promise for various functions because of their targeted homes. one in all their most vital houses is their potential to adsorb molecules and those may perhaps exist in numerous stages.

"Adsorption and section Behaviour in Nanochannels and Nanotubes" presents an exceptional evaluate of modern and present paintings on adsorption on nanometerials. it's a magnificent number of papers facing the adsorption and part behaviour in nanoporous fabrics from either experimental and theoretical perspectives.

"Adsorption and section Behaviour in Nanochannels and Nanotubes" makes a speciality of carbon nanotubes in addition to zeolites and comparable materials.

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