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What is so "Great" approximately Alexander? examine this notorious chief and discover.

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Philip spared no expense in setting up this private school for his son and a select few young members of the Macedonian social elite. Philip believed that this special and high-powered education away from court, with a great teacher who uniquely combined theoretical knowledge with its practical application, would produce the best possible king and the best possible friends and advisors for him. Alexander continued throughout his life the quest for all kinds of knowledge that he began during his time with Aristotle.

Alexander proved he could innovate offensive tactics as well. The Triballians were a foe in the path of his invasion, holed up in an impregnable encampment. Alexander concealed his cavalry and heavy infantry behind a force of archers and slingers. The Triballians rushed from their stronghold to attack what appeared to be an easy target. Having lured them out, Alexander drove his heavy troops into the Triballians’ flanks for a quick and decisive victory. His soldiers would have known that a direct attack on this fortress would have been costly and seen that their king’s creative tactics saved their lives.

With Athens, he reached a peaceful settlement: the king wanted to have on his side the most famous city of Greece as he began a bold new plan, a grand war of revenge with roots far back in Greek history. Philip planned to attack the Persian Empire in Asia. He would avenge what every Greek remembered: five generations earlier the Persians had attacked the Greek mainland, burning the temples of the gods before being beaten back by an alliance of freedom-loving Greeks. §6. In fact, in the early years of the Persian Wars (499 – 479 BC) the Greeks themselves had burned a temple in Persian territory.

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