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A is for Algebra-and that is the grade you are going to pull for those who use Bob Miller's uncomplicated consultant to the mathematics direction each college-bound child needs to take With 8 books and greater than 30 years of hard-core lecture room event, Bob Miller is the annoyed student's ally. He breaks down the complexities of each challenge into easy-to-understand items that any math-phobe can understand-and this absolutely up-to-date moment version of Bob Miller's Algebra for the Clueless covers every little thing a you want to comprehend to excel in Algebra I and II.

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111 3 x x/ x/ x/ 1 ᎏ8 = ᎏᎏ = ᎏ5 x x/ x/ x/ x x x x x x 111 The complete rule for division is as follows: The base remains the same. xm ᎏ = xm − n xn if m > n xm 1 ᎏ n = ᎏ n−m x x if n > m In simple English, in division, subtract the larger exponent minus the smaller; the term goes wherever the larger exponent was. EXAMPLE 18— 18a4b5c6d7e8 2b5 − 2e8 − 1 2b3e7 ᎏᎏ = ᎏᎏ =ᎏ 9a7b2c6d8e a7 − 4d8 − 7 a3d 18 ᎏ=2 9 c6 ᎏ6 = 1 c EXAMPLE 19— 4 ᎏ is reduced. 10 4x6y3 2x4 a. ᎏ 2 9 = ᎏ 10x y 5y6 When the whole top cancels, you must put the 1 (one) on top.

The opposite of 3 is −3 because 3 + (−3) = 0. The opposite of −6b is 6b because −6b + 6b = 6b + (−6b) = 0. The opposite of 0 is 0. 38 BOB MILLER’S ALGEBRA FOR THE CLUELESS 1. Fractions cause the most problems. So we get rid of them at once. 1. Multiply each term by the least common denominator (LCD). The purpose is to make all equations look the same, so that you get very good very fast. 2. If the x terms are only on the right, switch the sides. 3. Multiply out all parentheses, brackets, and braces.

ANSWER 12 or +12 EXAMPLE 4— N OT E You should think of this as an adding problem. −3 − 4 Think (−3) + (−4) Lose 3; lose 4 more. ANSWER −7 Integers Plus More EXAMPLE 5— −7 + 3 Think (−7) + (+3) Lose seven; gain three: lose four. ANSWER −4 NOTE −7 + 3 is the same problem as 3 − 7 (+3 + −7). EXAMPLE 6— −7 + 9 Think (−7) + (+9) Lose seven; gain 9: up 2. ANSWER +2 or 2 NOTE −7 + 9 is the same as 9 − 7 = (+9) + (−7) = 2. You should read these examples until they make sense. Here are the rules in words: Addition 1: If two (or all) of the signs are the same, add the numbers without the sign and put the sign that is in common.

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