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This is often the 1st ebook that renders an intensive dialogue of platforms technology. It attracts on fabric from an intensive number of exterior resources, together with numerous different books and a unique library assortment whole with videotape empirical proof of applicability of the idea to a wide selection of conditions. this is often crucial simply because structures technology needs to be conscious of various human occasions of the widest trouble, and it needs to fill the void that the categorical sciences can't fill, simply because those sciences are insensitive to the prerequisites of reconciling disparate perspectives of a number of observers, and incorporating neighborhood stipulations in hypotheses that precede inductive explorations.

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A "yes" answer to a question corresponds to entering a 1 in the computer, and is intended to mean that the individual who says "yes" in response to the question believes strongly in that answer The Meanings of "No". A "no" answer to a question corresponds to entering a 0 in the computer, but it is interpreted to mean one of two possibilities: a) that the individual who says 34 An Introduction to Systems Science "no" believes strongly in that answer OR b) that the individual who says "no" lacks enough experience or knowledge to render an informed judgment This plan is somewhat foreign to the analyst who normally assumes either that a datum put into a model is known, or that it has been found to lie within certain limits, or that it is characterized by probability data that enable numerant results to be obtained from the model.

But I am not concerned here with human creativity so much as with human fallibility. The former attribute must return to my text eventually, in the form of a participant in resolution of complexity in local problematic situations. But for now it is fallibility that will be the focus of interest. Systems science must incorporate provisions that on the one hand recognize fallibility of the human being and on the other hand incorporate means of overcoming that fallibility. To lay the groundwork for achieving this end, two requirements from Chapter 1 must be recalled.

The term "polysemy" does not appear often in English texts. It means a word or phrase that has multiple meanings. The derivation of the word from "poly" and "semantics" is probably evident. While this phenomenon of language is often the basis for comic strips, it is seldom the cause of confusion in NGT or ISM. Rather the cause seems to lie in 26 An Introduction to Systems Science the different life experiences of human beings; so that one person calls upon one life experience to construe a meaning different from that construed by another person.

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