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2. How was a Greek city-state different from a city? 5. Citizenship Skills Name three rights granted to Greek citizens that American citizens have today. 3 Critical Thinking 3. Compare Create a Venn dia- 6. Economics Connection Why did the use of money help trade to grow? CA HI6. gram to compare the Minoans and Mycenaeans. 2 first Greek kingdoms. ea dS . 20°E Review the What Did You Learn? • The Mycenaeans created the Re 500 kilometers Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection Reading Summary Greek communities developed.

The Greek mainland is a(n) ___, a body of land with water on three sides. 3. In a(n) ___, people at mass meetings make decisions for the government. 4. A(n) ___ acted as tax collector, judge, chief of police, and army recruiter. Critical Thinking 18. Cause and Effect How did the geography of Greece help to encourage trade? CA CS3. 19. Conclude Did the people of ancient Athens have a full democracy? Explain. 0 20. Explain Do you think people would enjoy more freedom in an oligarchy or a tyranny?

96 History and Geography. . . . . 98 What Is a Historical Atlas? . . . 102 How Does a Historian Work? Dating . . 104 Archaeological Finds One of the most important and difficult Making Sense of the Past . . jobs . . 108 for archaeologists is dating artifacts that they find. Links Across Time . . . . . the . . 112 Scientists looking for evidence of past civilizations TOOLS 92 Artifacts include a variety of objects made by people, such as weapons, tools, or pottery.

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