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Be an eyewitness to old Iraq. return in time to among 3500 to 500 BC, and stopover at the 'land among rivers'. realize the birthplace of writing and farming and the place the 1st nice towns, states and empires rose; domestic to the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. Get the image utilizing the clip-art CD with over a hundred outstanding pictures to obtain. Then use the enormous pull-out wallchart to accessorize your room. nice for tasks or simply for enjoyable, this fact-packed advisor and CD will express and inform you every thing you want to learn about this old land and civilization. "I am a major fan of these...They are brilliantly visual". "There isn't really a toddler that will be capable of withstand determining that up" - "Reader Reviews".

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This grew into a city of 600,000 people, far greater than Babylon. In about 200 bce the Greek rulers were ousted from Mesopotamia by the Parthians, a people from northeastern Persia. Meanwhile, a new power was on the rise in Europe – the Romans. Roman and Parthian armies fought each other endlessly, and Mesopotamia was their battlegound. Seleucia was finally destroyed in 164 ce. In 227 ce a new Persian dynasty gained control of the region. Known as the Sassanids, they held on to power until 636 ce.

At least 10,000 cuneiform texts have been discovered at his royal libraries at Nineveh. The seventh century bce was a great age of astronomical observation, arts and crafts, and musical notation. Assyrian scholarship was interwoven with superstition and myth, but it also contained early stirrings of scientific thought. The Assyrians were first-rate technicians, engineers, plumbers, and road builders. They quarried and transported great blocks of stone for their ambitious building works. They were also masters of irrigation.

He stands on each side of the Sacred Tree, a stylized palm that represents fertility and appears in many carvings at Nimrud. The Assyrians’ supreme deity, the sky god Ashur, presides over the king inside a winged disc. Wall reliefs such as these would originally have been painted in bright colours. RBI ! SHUR #90253 9 -%$)! 2 R ATE RO R ) S $AMASCUS ER ! RABIAN 5R -EMPHIS 2ED 3EA ASSYRIAN CONQUESTS At its height the Assyrian empire included all of Mesopotamia, as well as parts of Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Palestine, and even Egypt, which was conquered in 671 bce.

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