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1995. Peoples of the Past. Babylonians. London: British Museum Press. Wilkinson, T. J. “Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization. html (cited October 2, 2002). III CHAPTER 3 Historical and Chronological Setting HISTORY OF THE INVESTIGATION OF MESOPOTAMIA’S PAST Investigations into Their Past by the Assyrians and Babylonians The people of Mesopotamia had great respect for their traditions. E. or even earlier were still being followed by the Assyrians and Babylonians of the first millennium. For example, the word lists that were being compiled almost as soon as writing began were still standard scribal exercises under Hammurabi and are found in Ashurbanipal’s library.

The villagers used distinctive painted pottery of a type that Woolley also found in the early deposits at Ur. Since Andrae’s pioneering excavations at Assur, it had become common practice to investigate the stratigraphy of long-occupied settlements by making deep soundings in major buildings, cutting down to the natural soil through the material accumulated over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years to reveal the settlement’s history. Pottery and other distinctive material enabled the deposits to be assigned to successive periods.

Its fauna included ostrich, cheetahs, and hartebeest, as well as onager. E. The Near Eastern portion, the Syrian (Shamiyah) Desert, therefore, effectively separated Mesopotamia from the well-watered lands of the Levant, although a route ran from the middle Euphrates (an area closely associated with Babylonia) west to the oasis of Tadmor (later Palmyra) where it joined routes through the Levant. Farther north, the Euphrates bend brought the Mesopotamian plains within 160 kilometers of the Mediterranean, linked to it via a well-used route.

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