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By Alexandra Hanson-Harding

Examine existence in historical Rome with the engaginghands-on actions during this booklet. From early Roman background and executive to lifestyle in historical Rome, the actions during this wealthy source may help scholars discover the entire elements of this attention-grabbing civilization. scholars realizing will develop as they perform a read-aloud play approximately Julius Caesar, build versions of Roman mansions and residences, create ancestor mask, examine Roman mythology, examine Latin root phrases and some Latin words, and extra. additionally incorporates a full-color poster of historical Rome.
For use with Grades 4-8.

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The Romans were experts at making these nearly flat sculptures appear three dimensional. The activity that follows shows how students can create this type of Roman art. 51 Materials book of Roman art that shows reliefs for models (or else you can make up your own street or battle scene) flat slice of clay (should be about 3/4" thick, at least about 3" by 4"— size can vary) toothpicks plastic knife Ancient Rome © Alexandra Hanson-Harding, Scholastic Teaching Resources 1. Have students draw their design on the clay with a toothpick.

Use toothpicks or tape to affix the roof onto the box. 31 toothpicks tape clay Name ______________________________________________ Date __________________ Make Your Own Ancestor Mask Follow these directions to make your own ancestor mask. Ancient Rome © Alexandra Hanson-Harding, Scholastic Teaching Resources Materials 1 round balloon for every two students string flour water strips of newspaper tempera paint paintbrushes scissors 1. Blow up balloon to approximately the size of a human face and tie it.

After showing the movie, ask students to write a letter from Spartacus to his family as he waits to become a gladiator. What would he be thinking? What would he experience as he looked at the other gladiator and heard the noises outside? What would he be feeling? 54 Extend this lesson by having kids write or talk about if they Ancient Rome © Alexandra Hanson-Harding, Scholastic Teaching Resources ever see violence used as entertainment. Ask them to list scenes of violence they have seen on TV, in the movies, or in video games in the past week.

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