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By Valerii Nikonorov, Philip Greenough, Rory Little, Alexander Sil'nov

ISBN-10: 1874101108

ISBN-13: 9781874101109

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Naturally, therefore, it became one of the capitals of the new empire, and just as an Assyrian monarch had once made his brother viceroy of Babylonia, so 48 THE AGE AND WORK OF EZRA AND NEHEMIAH. Cyrus endeavoured to flatter the Babylonians by severing them from the rest of the subject provinces, and giving his son the title of their king. In Kambyses they saw the successor of Nebuchadnezzar and Nabonidos, and almost forgot that they were a conquered people. As soon as Kambyses became sole sovereign, Babylon necessarily took rank with Shushan and Ekbatana.

But he had not seven months before a conspiracy him. Darius, head of the son of Hystaspes, . conspirators, in and there 521. slew him, on the Darius, like to the royal Persian race of Akhcemenes. Teispes, the greatgrandfather of Cyrus, who had conquered Elam and established his power there, was also the greatgrandfather of Hystaspes, the father of Darius. The ancestors of Hystaspes had remained in Persia, and, according to the express testimony of Darius, had there ruled as kings. In the Elamite text of the 'Eight kings of Behistun inscription my race have held me: I am the ninth who two lines we have been kings, professed to be the representative Cyrus, and the populations restorer of Cyrus's refused to believe They saw in him, and rightly, a Persian and a Zoroastrian, one 1 For genealogical table, see next page.

518. c. 514). C. C. 515-14 that Darius could have ordered the search. C. S 17, when the authority of Darius was in great measure re-established throughout his empire. Without doubt, much had been done in the work of rebuilding the temple before the interference of Tatnai, and it is possible that the work was continued in spite of it. The authority of Darius and his satrap could not as yet have been very powerful in Palestine, though the period of anarchy was now over, and relations were again established between the Jews at Jerusalem and their brethren in Baby10nia.

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