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By Rosemary Hug

Millikens new Assessing Language sequence for Grades 4-8 supplies academics a wealthy number of reproducible standards-based checks. every one booklet includes fifty six grade-appropriate worksheets appropriate for tracking ability retention in addition to perform and reinforcement.

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Calip didn’t have enough money to pay for his ticket. 20. You are not finished with all of your homework. 51 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score Creative Expression—Cinquain Cinquain Watermelon Cactus Painting Holidays 52 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score Creative Expression—Haiku Haiku Wind 1 2 3 War 4 5 456 7 123 As the wind blows on, 1 2 3 2 3 4 5 Violent fighting 1 We hear a familiar tune, 1 4 2 4 3 5 6 7 People always getting killed, 5 1 Blowing through the trees.

Professor Pierce complimented me on my poem. 11. I usually sit besides Freddie on the school bus. 12. You may do as you wish. 13. Mary and her brother play in the drum and bugle corpse. 14. The two pirates fought a bloody dual on the beach. 15. George Gershwin was a very notorious composer. 16. That amount of money will buy a large number of toys. 17. This is really an interesting novel. 18. Gary was unable to operate the duel controls. 19. Juan’s work on the assembly line compliments mine. 20.

49 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score The Double Negative double negative Right: We haven’t any pets. Wrong: We haven’t no pets. Right: I don’t need anything. Wrong: I don’t need nothing. Right: I can hardly see the chart. Wrong: I can’t hardly see the chart. Negative Words no not (n’t) never no one nothing nobody nowhere barely scarcely hardly neither only none but 1. I couldn’t hear (nothing, anything) above the noise he made. 2. You (can, can’t) scarcely tell the twins apart.

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