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For Hobbes, it was Good and Evil 43 the commonwealth, which was the better condition, and in his version of events individuals fell from the civil or artificial condition, which Hobbes thought was good, into the state of nature, which Hobbes thought was evil. The account of Genesis, on the other hand, described the Fall from the natural and perfect condition of Eden, into a condition in which God permitted the creation of the state. Thus, for those of Hobbes’ readers who understood the natural condition as Eden, Hobbes had completely reversed the valuation of the scriptural account.

70 Tyrrell thought that Hobbes’ error in his views on good and evil was caused by his lack of differentiation between natural and moral goods. A good was ‘that which preserves, encreases, or perfects the Faculties and Powers of one or more things . ’71 A moral good was defined as: those voluntary Actions and Habits which are conformable to the Law of Nature, or Reason, considered as given by God, as a Lawgiver, for a Rule of all our Humane, or voluntary Actions: For there are many natural Goods that conduce to a man’s happiness, which are not morally good, nor are commanded by any Law.

Ability to eate and not eate of that as any other, but God did take away from him the morall liberty of eating of it, and by his authority saw good to 38 State of Nature or Eden? abridge his liberty, and this alone to make it appeare to Adam, that he was an absolute and a soveraigne Lord over him, and had full power and authority to forbid him what he saw good to forbid, and to command what he saw good to command. 138 According to Alexander Ross, God forbade Adam and Eve to eat from the tree ‘First, to let him know, that he was but a creature and servant and therefore had a Lord whom hee must serve and obey, Secondly, to let him see, that hee had free-will and power both to chuse and refuse any thing hee pleased.

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