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Due to the great defensive form of the Tennessee player, the player with the ball has a big obstacle to get around in order to make a pass or take a shot. to prevent her opponent from getting the ball or getting open for a clear shot. She can also try to intercept a pass or steal the basketball from the dribbler. Each player must fully understand the defensive strategy her team is using. Players have to help each other by talking on the court, sometimes telling teammates what is happening behind them.

A bad loser is a player who begins complaining as soon as her team is behind and appears to be losing. She may grouse at officials and berate her own teammates if they make a mistake. A bad loser begins to show the body language of losing: moping around the court, looking down at the floor, maybe mumbling under her breath. At some point, she may even stop trying, not playing her best because the game seems lost. Some bad losers will even look for a physical confrontation. They begin to play dirty, fouling hard, giving opponents a little extra push.

Still, stay ready, work hard, and your chance will come. If you get a basketball scholarship, that will be great. If not, we'll find another way to help you go to college. Just keep your grades up and enjoy your last year in high school. Remember, no matter what happens, we love you. I know you feel awful about missing that last shot, but think of all the positive things you did out there tonight. If another chance comes to take the last shot, take it. You're a good shooter. Hey, we'd all love to have you at the party tonight, but the game tomorrow is really important to the whole team.

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