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A close examination of the find spots of this pottery, both in the region and abroad, can shed new light both on the reality on the ground and on dating local pottery. e. Judah follow the traditional chronology of Greek pottery. When compared with the situation in other parts of the Mediterranean, and especially in the Phoenician colonies in the west, the findings in Judah and the surrounding regions are indicative not only of the prosperity or devastation of the region, but also of the Babylonian policy and economic interests in the region.

The chapter also presents a new perspective on the demographic reality in Persian-period Judah, and also in the Neo-Assyrian provinces in the late Iron Age. Chapter 6, “The Babylonian Destruction in Context: Nebuchadnezzar and Sennacherib Compared,” in which I discuss the results of the Babylonian campaigns of the late-seventh and early-sixth centuries from a comparative perspective. The chapter will compare the archaeological results of Nebuchadnezzar’s and Sennacherib’s campaigns (study of the latter is based on Faust 2008b), which will provide a way to assess the degree of the Babylonian destruction within what can be viewed as its ancient Near Eastern context.

And evaluates the main arguments of the continuity school: was Judah part of a Babylonian imperial economy; was a drastic demographic decline possible, and under what circumstances can such changes occur? I also explain how the entire debate, as far as the archaeological interpretation is concerned, was erroneously conceived. Chapter 9, “The Land of Benjamin Revisited,” looks at settlement in the region of Benjamin. The area has received a great deal of scholarly attention because of the consensus among scholars that settlements existed in the NeoBabylonian period.

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