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By Kristin Sterling

ISBN-10: 0761345884

ISBN-13: 9780761345886

ISBN-10: 0761356576

ISBN-13: 9780761356578

ISBN-10: 0761359478

ISBN-13: 9780761359470

Go searching you. Do you spot a transparent sky? Ripe blueberries? Blue birds or vegetation? Your favourite denims? the colour blue is located in nature, in meals, in garments, and lots of different locations. learn this booklet and develop into a professional at recognizing blue all over!

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New York: Blue Sky Press, 2005. 31 31 Index activity, 28–29 baby blue, 15 blending colors, 28–29 blueberries, 10 blue in sayings, 19–21 blues music, 21 cars, 13 cotton candy, 25 jeans, 12 jewelry, 11, 17 navy blue, 16 parrot, 9 periwinkle, 18 primary colors, 28 sapphires, 11 sky, 6 dolphins, 7 turquoise, 17 flowers, 8, 18 water, 7 Photo Acknowledgments The images in this book are used with the permission of: © Marek Kosmal/Dreamstime. com, p. 1; © Brad Wilson/Stone/Getty Images, p. 2; © Jim Esposito/The Image Bank/ Getty Images, p.

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