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By David A. Adler

ISBN-10: 0142403547

ISBN-13: 9780142403549

The Cam Jansen sequence is ideal for younger readers who're making the transition to bankruptcy books. the 1st fifteen books within the sequence have got up to date covers, and the sequence remodel maintains with books 16-22, bringing new existence to those perennial bestsellers.

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Cam opened her eyes. She looked at her watch. ” Cam said. “It’s so late. ” As they walked to their car, Mr. Jansen said to Cam, “At first, you wanted to stay here. Now you’re in a rush to get home. ” “I’m just acting hungry,” Cam told her father. ” “Maybe we should go to a restaurant,” Mrs. Jansen said when they were in the car. ” Cam said. “Let’s eat at home. We have egg salad and spinach left from lunch. ” Mrs. Jansen turned and looked at Cam. “At lunch you said you hated egg salad and spinach.

Jansen turned and said, “We’ll go back to the car. ” Cam opened her eyes. “But I want to be with Granny and Gramps,” Cam said. ” Mr. Jansen told Cam, “Catching a thief may be dangerous. ” “But I think I saw him,” Cam said. She told her parents about the man on the path. “Cam has to tell the police what she saw,” Mrs. Jansen said. ” It was a long walk across the parking lot. Cam clicked again and looked at the picture she had in her head of the man in the dark blue jacket. ” They were walking on the path now, with lots of other people who were on their way to the terminal.

Jansen looked at the luggage in the back of the van. Then he told Cam, “You’re not staying here alone. We’ll wait in the car and see what happens. ” Chapter Eight Cam and her father got in their car. Cam was in the back. Her father was in the front. They locked the doors. They watched cars ride along the road, just on the other side of the parking lot fence. Each time they saw a cab, Cam and her father wondered if the thief was driving it. Mr. ” “Well, maybe it’s not,” Mr. Jansen said. “Maybe someone got here early for his flight.

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