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By Kishore Mahbubani

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During this quantity of essays Kishore Mahbubani has sought to deal with the old divide among the civilizations of East and West and the concept that Western civilization is common.

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Those who had to turn to the IMF for assistance), had been given the highest marks in Western minds for their moves towards democratisation. The three open economies that were least affected by the financial crisis were Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, and the three had very different political systems. In short, there was no clear correlation between political systems and financial vulnerability. The only correlation that is clear so far is that between good governance and resilience in the financial crisis.

THE WEST WON the Cold War, conventional wisdom holds, not because of its military superiority but because of the strength of its social, economic and political institutions. Hence, it is not surprising that a new consensus has quickly developed that the West merely has to hold a steady course in the post-Cold War era. Francis Fukuyama, with his celebration of the triumph of Western values, captured the spirit of the moment. The rest of the world, if it is to free itself from the “mire” of history, will have to adjust and accommodate to the ways of the West.

In the essay I said, “In the eyes of the North African population, the Mediterranean, which once divided civilisations, has become a mere pond. ” When I wrote this, the illegal immigration across the Mediterranean was a trickle. Now in the new millennium, it is a river. European newspapers report The West and the Rest 55 these crossings with great alarm. But how could they not see it coming? The deaths of 19 Chinese trying to smuggle into England in mid-2000 in a container box provided more eloquent proof of the arguments of this essay than my words ever could.

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