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By Melissa Boyde (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1137330503

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3 shows the prices of five representative animals over a similar period. 3 Decline in price of exotic animals in London 1879–1903 Charles Jamrach 1879 Rhinoceros Tiger William Jamrach 1896 Albert Jamrach 1903 £1000 – £1000 £300 – £80 Lion £100 £60 £20–25 Elephant £400 £100 £120–150 Hyena £10 – £10 Here we can see that while animals of great size and rarity like rhinoceroses have held up well other more common animals have progressively lost value. This is partly because of competition from the Continent, especially Germany, which impelled dealers to lower their prices to remain competitive (even through their costs were rising – a hyena could easily consume £60 worth of meat before it was sold) and partly because of the increasing availability of home-bred animals.

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