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By Richard G Davis

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Carl A. Spaatz and the air conflict in europe

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Daylight bombing deep into enemy territory, given current technology, meant that bombers would operate without fighter escort and would need the ability to outrun or outgun enemy defensive fighters. The B-17, with its highly accurate and super-secret Norden bombsight, fit this specification perfectly, as would its successors. ACTS doctrine contained many assumptions that eventually proved invalid. It underestimated the capacity of a modem industrial nation and its populace to survive repeated and heavy bombing.

Figures were compiled from the Annual Reports of the Chief of the Air Corps, 1921-1935. S. 725 ~ Extracted from the July 1, 1931 Army List and Directory. 406 2,711 Total _ _ 11 24 34 32 60 70 74 1I6 1I7 138 132 147 149 123 156 209 192 178 211 285 298 303 354 1 10 Total ~ Brig _ _ Gen Col 451 6 14 19 40 71 136 182 265 286 259 260 535 623 612 586 642 438 316 278 268 310 329 314 248 275 286 259 260 155 155 69 18 69 18 1,780 10,685 ~ SPAA’UAND THE AIRWARIN EUROPE tion for a separate promotion the flight or danger pay they earned while on flying status (which many in the rest of the Army resented), and the fight between the air arm and the rest of the service over the air portion of the budget set the air arm apart from the Army as a whole.

Elwood R. Quesada, and Lt. Harry A. Halverson, set a world flight endurance record of 150 hours, 40 minutes, and 14 seconds, shuttling between Los Angeles and San Diego and gaining national and international attention. The Question Mark, so named because no one knew when it would come down, had its fuel tanks filled in the air 37 times, received 5,600 gallons of hand-pumped fuel, and traveled 11,000 miles. 75Less technologically oriented observers had different opinions. When Ruth Spaatz pointed out the aircraft flying overhead to the Spaatz’s oldest daughter, seven-year-old Tattie, and remarked, “That’s your daddy, and he’s been up there longer than any human being has ever been in the air before.

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