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No matter if ranging from scratch or simply wanting a refresher, become aware of the best way to communicate and comprehend French with 15-minute-a day classes. every one pack includes hour-long CDs, a full-color path e-book with themed chapters and real-life examples, a menu consultant, and translation dictionaries. Now with brand-new packaging and plastic snap-shut instances!

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Juh vay zah paree Nous allons à l’école en train. noo zalloñ ah laykol oñ trañ We go to school by train. Je vais à la Tour Eiffel. juh vay zah lah toor eefel I’m going to the Eiffel Tower. Cultural tip The TGV (“train à grande vitesse”) is a fast train that can get you from Paris to southern France in about three hours. Generally you will need to reserve a seat and can still choose smoking or nonsmoking seats. TER (“trains express régionaux”) is another type of fast train. These trains are cheaper than the TGV.

Prunay lah prumyair ah gaush He’ll have the beef bourguignon. Il prend le bœuf bourguignon. eel proñ luh buf boorgheenyoñ 4 Put into practice Cover the text on the right and complete the dialogue in French. Où allez-vous? Je vais au Louvre. oo allay voo juh vay zoh loovruh Where are you going? Say: I’m going to the Louvre. Vous voulez prendre le métro? voo voolay proñdruh luh metroe Do you want to take the metro? Say: No, I want to go by bus. Non, je veux aller en bus. noñ. 24–5) With buses, as with trains, you need to validate your ticket in a machine at the time of travel.

GETTING AROUND 55 4 Put into practice Join in this conversation. Read the French on the left and follow the instructions to make your reply. Then test yourself by concealing the answers with the cover flap. Bonsoir, monsieur. Je peux vous aider? Le vol pour Paris est à l’heure? boñswar, musyuh. juh puh voo zayday luh vol poor paree et ah lur Good evening, sir. Can I help you? Ask: Is the flight to Paris on time? Oui, monsieur wee musyuh Yes, sir. Quelle est la porte d’embarquement? kel ay lah port doñbarkumoñ Ask: What gate does it leave from?

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