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By Justin Racz

They're kooky, they are crazy-50 family Worse Than Yours is a nightmarish family members reunion that may have you ever appreciating your personal bizarre extended family. there is the relatives e-newsletter writer who retains you up to date on how Uncle Carl's hip is doing; there is Holistic New Age Aunt, who understands Madonna from Kabbalah classification yet refuses to introduce you simply because that might be undesirable karma; and there is baby Who was once in a countrywide television advertisement, who has extra money than you do. after which there is Uncle Speedo, the Monopoly financial institution Thief, and Your Son, the Tenant.
Filled with hilarious photos and bullet issues directory all their terrible features, 50 kinfolk Worse Than Yours is the appropriate present for an individual who is embarrassed through a few individuals in their relatives, which let's simply admit it's approximately all people. And who understands, it's possible you'll even realize a relative or two...
Justin Racz is an ads copywriter. he's the writer of J.Crewd and 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours. He lives in long island urban.
Praise for 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours:
"Take this funny journey of the world's worst work."-Entertainment Weekly
"Justin Racz has performed an incredible carrier to us all with 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours, a piece most likely most sensible saved in your task web site for undesirable days."-Chicago Tribune
Also to be had: 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours hc 1-58234-492-2 ISBN-13: 978-158234-492-8 $14.95

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Mitchell He's in it, you're not. Always happy to see you and greet you with a sloppy kiss. Loves the crotch. 13. Girl Scout Troop Leader Mom Every family member and office co-worker will be getting a call from this woman hawking cookies so her six-year-old can win an iPod mini. A copy of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and influence People—presented with absolutely no irony. "Only three boxes! Come on, it's for a good cause. " Sierra is defending her title as the best-selling scout two years running.

Doesn't like to party, but sure could host one. In her cubby of a kitchen, she cooked Passover dinners for fifty. The kasha varniskas was always a bit dry. 18. Your Son, the Tenant Had a job, then came the recession, got laid off. He now resides on your couch. A sixer of Busch. " He's pitching a reality show to Fox called Living La Vida Sofa. You'll never have empty nest syndrome. He just started an online business—eBaying the heirlooms in the attic. 19. America's Most Wanted Cousin He started out with petty stuff, stealing your Lincoln Logs, swiping a Matchbox car.

For your child's birthday you bought an Entenmann's raspberry danish. 42. Shrimp Ring Bringer Profoundly deluded, Shrimp Ring Bringer envisions this plentiful and economical shrimp platter, with cocktail sauce, as the centerpiece around which the whole family will gather. Anything on sale. A frog or butterfly brooch found at a TJ Maxx close-out. " Allergic to shellfish. It's better than bringing nothing. Actually, it would be better if she brought nothing. 99 for thirty shrimp? You can't get a five-piece shrimp cocktail for six dollars.

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