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The enjoyable of naming your child. earlier than you dedicate your baby to a reputation for all times, flick through this booklet. banquet your mind's eye on an unlimited variety of decisions from the fashionable to the normal, and from the preferred to the delicate. You by no means observed such a lot of how one can christen your child with variety and suitability. significant names, musical names, mystical names - they're all during this booklet.

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Feminine of Alaric (Alarica, Alarise) Alayne see Alana Alba (Latin) 'White' Alberta (Teutonic) 'Noble and brilliant'. Feminine of Albert. A nobly born and highly intelligent girl. Popular name in Victorian times in compliment to the Prince Consort (Albertina, Albertine, Alverta, Auberta, Berta, Berte, Bertie, Elberta, Elbertine) Albertina (Anglo-Saxon) 'Illustrious' see also Alberta Albina (Latin) 'White lady'. One whose hair and colouring is of the fairest (Albinia, Alvina, Aubina, Aubine) Albinia see Albina or Elvira Alciana see Alcina Alcina (Greek) 'Strong-minded one'.

Rhyming names and surnames are not usually successful. Complement a long surname with a shorter first name, or vice versa: Tom Wilkinson rather than Templeton Wilkinson, for example. Similarly, team a common surname with a more unusual first name so that your child does not encounter too many people with the same name. Jacinta Smith will have fewer problems on that score than Ann Smith. Look at the initials of the chosen names together and remember that many documents have to be initialled, and that initials are often used as web site addresses and at other times.

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