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By Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorjé, Richard Barron (Chökyi Nyima), Sogyal Rinpoche

A fabulous Garland of infrequent gemstones: Biographies of Masters of understanding within the Dzogchen Lineage is the one finished background of the Nyingtik lineage, which types the middle of the physique of teachings often called Dzogchen (Great Perfection) within the Tibetan Buddhist culture. It used to be written by means of the overdue Nyoshul Khen Rinpoché, Jamyang Dorjé (1931-1999), essentially the most notable and a professional exponents of Dzogchen. during this paintings, framed as a chain of biographical debts, Nyoshul Khenpo presents a wealth of data worthy to non secular practitioners in addition to to historians learning the cultures of vital Asia. In his creation, Sogyal Rinpoche underscores the significance of this paintings: “‘There may well come a time within the future,’ [Nyoshul Khenpo] wrote, ‘when holders of the lineage could profess to transmit the lineage with out with the ability to keep in mind even the names of its masters.’ it is because he thought of this heritage to be ‘as necessary as our eyes or our existence force,’ supplying all of the grounds and thought ever wanted for overall conviction. He in comparison the existence tales of the vidyadhara masters during this lineage to an outstanding chain of gold or a garland of infrequent gemstones. …With enormous awareness to element, Nyoshul Khenpo maps out the ‘ultimate lineage of direct transmission,’ the center of the entire strains of transmission of Dzogpachenpo from the primordial buddha to the current day, exhibiting the relationship among masters and scholars in an unbroken line of succession. His paintings sticks out due to its completeness, for it contains all the unique lineages, besides the lives of the scholars of the nice masters, tales from the oral culture, and the various instructing kinds. someone who issues is represented right here, each hyperlink within the chain, together with masters of our time. …It is a milestone, and that i don't feel that it'll ever be equaled.”

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Lord, in the palace of the space of immaculate great bliss, May I remain one with you, always and forever! Looking back, when I think about those of us who received teachings together from Nyoshul Khenpo, our good fortune seems almost unbelievable: to have met and loved a teacher who had such profound wisdom and such an infinitely generous heart. x/ii Introduction Khenpo adored nature, and if I close my eyes now, I can picture him so easily, dressed in his favorite yellow and sitting in perfect posture on an island in a lake in the Pyrenees or on the cliffs above Lerab Ling.

What if we continue to let things slide in this way? Just as we know only the names of such masters of ancient India as Rikpai Kujuk, Dhanashila, and Jinamitra, but have no actual histories of them, there could come a time in the future when holders of the lineage would profess to transmit the lineage without being able to recall even the names of those involved! I couldn't bear the thought of that happening. True, there are the incredible terma teachings-the legacy of the Guru's aspira- The Precious Lamp 3 tions maturing in a timely way-and each of these terma cycles contains an account of the terma's origins, an account in which the terton establishes the authenticity of the cycle.

As Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche once told me, "You must make the dharma your own. " By learning about those from whom we have received the great legacy of teachings, we come to feel more connected to them-even a part of their family. At the same time that Nyoshul Khen taught his students the Dzogchen manual Timeless Awareness as the Guiding Principle (Yeshe Lama), he taught them this history. Clearly he felt that this was not just a reference book, but an integral element of the living transmission of the teachings.

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