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This publication is written as a textbook on algebraic topology. the 1st half covers the fabric for 2 introductory classes approximately homotopy and homology. the second one half offers extra complex functions and ideas (duality, attribute periods, homotopy teams of spheres, bordism). the writer recommends beginning an introductory path with homotopy idea. For this function, classical effects are provided with new common proofs. however, one can commence extra frequently with singular and axiomatic homology. extra chapters are dedicated to the geometry of manifolds, telephone complexes and fibre bundles. a distinct characteristic is the wealthy offer of approximately 500 workouts and difficulties. a number of sections comprise themes that have no longer seemed sooner than in textbooks in addition to simplified proofs for a few vital effects. necessities are usual element set topology (as recalled within the first chapter), uncomplicated algebraic notions (modules, tensor product), and a few terminology from classification idea. the purpose of the booklet is to introduce complex undergraduate and graduate (master's) scholars to easy instruments, suggestions and result of algebraic topology. enough historical past fabric from geometry and algebra is incorporated. A book of the ecu Mathematical Society (EMS). allotted in the Americas through the yankee Mathematical Society.

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Because the book of Lefschetz's Topology (Amer. Math. Soc. Colloquium courses, vol. 12, 1930; spoke of lower than as (L)) 3 significant advances have stimulated algebraic topology: the improvement of an summary advanced autonomous of the geometric simplex, the Pontrjagin duality theorem for abelian topological teams, and the tactic of Cech for treating the homology thought of topological areas by way of structures of "nerves" each one of that's an summary complicated.

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X to id W K ! K in TOPK is a map r W X ! X /. It is called a retraction of i . If it exists, then i is an embedding. If i W K X we then call K a retract of X . The retraction r of i W K X is a homotopy equivalence in TOPK if and only if there exists a homotopy h t W X ! X relative to K such that h0 D id and h1 D i r. In this case we call K a deformation retract of X . The inclusion S n RnC1 X 0 is a deformation retract. A morphism s from id W B ! B to p W E ! B in TOPB is a map s W B ! B/. It is called a section of p.

Since W is compact and b continuous, gj W x is compact and hence closed in X . 8), there exist j such that gj W x contains an interior point, and therefore W x contains an interior point wx. V /. This shows that p is open. 7) Corollary. Let the locally compact Hausdorff group G with countable basis act on a locally compact Hausdorff space X . An orbit is locally compact if and only if it is locally closed. An orbit is a homogeneous space with respect to the isotropy group of each of its points if and only if it is locally closed.

We generalize projective spaces. Let W be an n-dimensional real vector space. W / the set of k-dimensional subspaces of W . W /. Suppose W carries an inner product. w1 ; : : : ; wk / in W considered as a subspace of W k . W / the Stiefel manifold of orthonormal k-frames in W . W / ! w1 ; : : : ; wk / to the subspace Œw1 ; : : : ; wk  spanned by this sequence. W / the quotient topology determined by p. W / can be obtained as a homogeneous space. Let W D Rn with standard inner product and standard basis e1 ; : : : ; en .

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