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By Omar D. Faiz, David Moffat

Anatomy at a Glance" presents a concise and obtainable creation and revision reduction to basic anatomy for clinical and allied future health scholars and activities technology scholars. Following the easy-to-use at a look layout, every one subject is gifted as a double-page unfold with key proof observed by means of transparent diagrams and illustrations encapsulating all that scholars want to know.

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It is an important landmark as the 2nd costal cartilages articulate on either side and, by following this line onto the 2nd rib, further ribs and intercostal spaces can be identified. The sternal angle corresponds to a horizontal point level with the intervertebral disc between T4 and T5. r The suprasternal notch: situated in the midline between the medial ends of the clavicles and above the upper edge of the manubrium. r The costal margin: formed by the lower borders of the cartilages of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th ribs and the ends of the 11th and 12th ribs.

The consequent increase in venous return from the lungs causes pressure to rise in the left atrium, and the thin and flexible septum primum is pressed against the septum secundum, thus, closing off the foramen ovale. These changes are, at first, physiological rather than anatomical, and it is only later that the changes become permanent. The umbilical vein is finally obliterated and becomes a fibrous band, the ligamentum teres, passing from the umbilicus to the left branch of the portal vein and lying in the free border of the falciform ligament.

3 The direction and timing of the spread of action potential in the conducting system of the heart. Times are in msec 30 QRS Anatomy at a Glance, Third Edition. Omar Faiz, Simon Blackburn and David Moffat. c 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Published 2011 by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. The arterial supply of the heart (Fig. 1) The coronary arteries are responsible for supplying the heart itself with oxygenated blood. The origins of the coronary arteries are as follows: r The left coronary artery arises from the aortic sinus immediately above the left posterior cusp of the aortic valve (see Fig.

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