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By Massimo Inguscio, Leonardo Fallani

This booklet illustrates the background of Atomic Physics and indicates how its most up-to-date advances enable the opportunity of acting exact measurements and attaining a correct keep watch over at the atomic country. Written in an introductory kind, this ebook is addressed to complex undergraduate and graduate scholars, in addition to to more matured researchers who have to stay updated with the newest advances. The publication makes a speciality of experimental investigations, illustrating milestone experiments and key experimental concepts, and discusses the consequences and the demanding situations of up to date learn. Emphasis is wear the investigations of precision physics: from the decision of basic constants of Nature to assessments of normal Relativity and Quantum Electrodynamics; from the belief of ultra-stable atomic clocks to the correct simulation of condensed topic theories with ultracold gases. The publication discusses those subject matters whereas tracing the evolution of experimental Atomic Physics from conventional laser spectroscopy to the revolution brought by way of laser cooling, which permits the manipulation of atoms at a billionth of a level above absolute 0 and divulges new frontiers of precision in atomic spectroscopy.

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The lower panel of Fig. , 1975). The measurement of the 1s Lamb shift represents an important QED test. As previously discussed in Sec. 3, in the case of the 2s state the shift could be measured from the removal of degeneracy with the nearby 2p state, which could be determined both by direct microwave excitation and by the fine structure of the optical transitions. Instead, for n = 1 no level splittings are availabile and the 1s shift can only be deduced from the corrections to the frequency predicted by the Dirac theory for the ultraviolet 1s − 2s transition.

A beam divergence of 10 mrad implies a transverse velocity spread v⊥ = 2 m/s, which results in a Doppler broadening Δν = νCs (v/c) 60 Hz. 7 For the same Cs atoms with velocity v 200 m/s travelling through a microwave cavity with Δl = 5 cm length, the interaction-time broadening is Δν 1/Δt = v/Δl = 4 kHz. 36 Alkali atoms and laser cooling Fig. 3 a) Time-of-flight broadening in a microwave clock transition: the width of the observed resonance is proportional to the inverse of the interrogation time Δt.

1999). Absolute frequency measurements. In order to increase the range of the measurement, the spectral width of the comb has to be increased. In principle, it could be possible to enlarge the comb spectrum by producing shorter laser pulses, which however is not obvious since it requires an accurate compensation of dispersion within the laser cavity. It is much simpler to take advantage of nonlinear effects (four-wave mixing, harmonic generation, . 3). A fundamental advance in this direction happened when the possibility of broadening the comb spectrum without destroying the coherence between the modes was reported.

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