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By Professor Dr. Igor I. Sobelman (auth.)

Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions covers the systematics of atomic spectra, non-stop spectrum radiation, and the excitation of atoms. This moment version has extra chapters on relativistic corrections within the spectra of hugely charged ions, which rounds off the former remedy. wide tables of oscillator strengths (both dipole and quadrupole), chances and go sections of radiative transitions entire this textbook, making it worthy additionally as a reference work.

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In brief form, this is written 2S 2 PDF 6 4 4S 2 PDF 3 2 The figure under the term symbol indicates the number of identical terms. The term of the configuration np n'p enclosed in square brackets is called the initial term. The assignment of the initial term is spoken of as the assignment of the term genealogy or origin. Let us note that the a:ddition of one electron to singlet terms gives doublet terms, to doublet terms-singlet and triplet ones, and to triplet terms-doublet and quartet ones, and so on.

Jj coupling is of particular interest for multiply charged ions. The electrostatic interaction (e2/lrt-r21> between electrons which are in the field of a nuclear charge Ze is approximately proportional to Z. We recall that the radius of the first Bohr orbit for a hydrogenlike ion with a charge Ze is proportional to 1/Z. But the energy of the spin-orbit interaction is proportional to Z4 (Sect. 3). Thus the role of spin-orbit interaction rapidly increases with increase of Z. jj coupling is also of interest for nuclear theory, as precisely this type of coupling frequently occurs in nuclear shells.

0f l et components 2P II2 - 21)3/2 and 2P 3/2 - 21)3/2 The splittmg t h e two'tnp is constant for all lines of a diffuse series. But the distance between the components 2P3/2 - 2D3/2 and 2P3/2 - 2D5/2 is considerably less and drops rapidly for the higher members of a series. The structure of lines of the fundamental series can easily be established in a similar way. According to the rule formulated above, the ratio of the intensities of doublet components originating from the levels jl andj2 equals (2jl + 1) : (2j2 + I).

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