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By Fernanda Mozzi PhD, Rául R. Raya, Graciela M. Vignolo PhD

This title represents a extensive evaluation of present examine on LAB and their novel functions with contributions from a couple of famous prime scientists. The publication includes a wide selection of subject matters together with either conventional and novel constructing fields, and gives unprecedented, finished info on new advances of genomics, proteomics, metabolism and biodiversity of LAB. Chapters include cutting-edge discussions of particular LAB functions similar to their use as probiotics, reside vaccines and starter cultures in outdated and new fermented items. the security of those microorganisms and their interactions with different ecosystems ordinary biota also are coated in addition to the hot purposes of recognized (bacteriocins) and novel (vitamins, low-calorie sugars, etc.) metabolites produced by way of LAB.This e-book is an important reference for demonstrated researchers and scientists, doctoral and post-doctoral scholars, collage professors and teachers, and foodstuff technologists engaged on meals microbiology, body structure and biotechnology of lactic acid micro organism.

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