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Bone fix is a basic a part of the quickly increasing treatment quarter and has benefited from many contemporary technological advancements. With progressively more applied sciences to be had, it is important that the proper strategy is chosen for particular scientific systems. This particular e-book will offer a finished overview of the fabrics technological know-how, engineering ideas and up to date advances during this important Read more...


Bone fix is a basic a part of the swiftly increasing treatment zone and has benefited from many fresh technological advancements. This targeted ebook offers a accomplished assessment of the Read more...

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Although more evaluations on their anti-infection and safety properties are needed, nanostructured Se and Ag are promising materials for reducing bacterial attachment on prosthetic implants [56]. 2 Drug delivery via nanostructured implants Although metals and alloys are popular orthopedic implant materials, they are usually not bioactive and do not exhibit any inherent bone-bonding capability. In order to improve new bone formation, reduce infection, and therefore increase implant lifetime in vivo, the strategy of combining drug delivery and implants via nanotechnology has been investigated.

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