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By Eben Hewitt, Jeff Carpenter

With this hands-on consultant, you'll find out how Apache Cassandra handles 1000s of terabytes of information whereas final hugely on hand throughout a number of info centers—capabilities that experience attracted fb, Twitter, and different data-intensive businesses. up-to-date for Cassandra 3.0, this moment variation offers the technical info and useful examples you must investigate this database administration procedure and positioned it to paintings in a construction environment.

Authors Jeff wood worker and Eben Hewitt exhibit some great benefits of Cassandra's nonrelational layout, and pay particular realization to information modeling. If you're a developer, DBA, program architect, or supervisor trying to clear up a database scaling factor or future-proof your program, this consultant exhibits you the way to harness Cassandra's velocity and adaptability.

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This will serve as an orientation. Then, we’ll take a step back and understand Cassandra in its larger context. org. Just click the link on the home page to download a version as a gzipped tarball. Typically two versions of Cassandra are provided. The latest release is recommended for those starting new projects not yet in production. The most stable release is the one recom‐ mended for production usage. x represents the version number. The download is around 23MB. Extracting the Download The simplest way to get started is to download the prebuilt binary.

You can also define an environment variable called CASSANDRA_HOME that points to the top-level directory where you have placed or built Cassandra, so you don’t have to pay as much attention to where you’re starting Cassandra from. This is useful for other tools besides the database server, such as nodetool and cassandra-cli. Once you’ve started the server for the first time, Cassandra will add directories to your system to store its data files. The default configuration creates these directories under the CASSANDRA_HOME directory.

If you want to see all of the targets supported by the build file, simply pass Ant the -p option to get a description of each tar‐ get. Running Cassandra In earlier versions of Cassandra, before you could start the server there were some required steps to edit configuration files and set environment variables. But the devel‐ opers have done a terrific job of making it very easy to start using Cassandra immedi‐ ately. We’ll note some of the available configuration options as we go. info | 43 Required Java Version Cassandra requires a Java 7 or 8 JVM, preferably the latest stable version.

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